Tom Beynon-Tom Beynon Photography3
Tom Beynon-Tom Beynon Photography2
Tom Beynon-Tom Beynon Photography
All images belong to Stu Jotham
Steve Parry-Steven Parry Photography
Stephen-Stephen Walker Photography
stam-Liam Collard Photography
Ray Sawyer-Sawyer and Sawyer Photography2
Ray Sawyer-Sawyer and Sawyer Photography
Rafe Abrook-Rafe Abrook Photography2
Rafe Abrook-Rafe Abrook Photography
Patrick Mateer-M and G Wedding Photography
Patrick Lombaert-Un Petit Coin de Parapluie3
Patrick Lombaert-Un Petit Coin de Parapluie2
Patrick Lombaert-Un Petit Coin de Parapluie
nick-Nick Brightman Photography
Mike Wells-Michael Wells Photography
Michael Harper-Capture My Big Day
Matthew Godman-M and G Wedding Photography
Liam Collard-Liam Collard Photography2
Liam Collard-Liam Collard Photography
Katie Kavanagh-Katie Kav Photography
Joe Short-Joe Short
Joab Smith-Joab Smith Photography
James White-James White Photography
holliemateer-M and G Wedding Photography
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Damion Mower-Damion Mower Photographhy
Catherine Hudson-Paturet-Catherine Hudson Photography
Andy Li-Andy Li Photography



The prestigious NineDots Awards are free to enter every quarter for all NineDots members. Each individual member can enter up to 20 images per round, for judging by three independent guest judges each round. Each judge may also provides video feedback on critique  for the entries – an invaluable tool for improving your photography and learning how to make award winning mages that your couples will love. See previous judges insight videos HERE

Details of the next round, and entry form for members can be found HERE.


The deadline for entries is the 9th day of every third month (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) – become a NineDots member now to enter and get access to our unique MemberZone growing bank of critiques, tips, tutorials, interviews, Q&A sessions and SO MUCH MORE dubbed the “Netflix for wedding photographers”! Amazing value for only £150/yr! Join here.

You can see the current year’s awards in the slideshow above and the standings in the leaderboard below.

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