Your Presenters

Igor Demba

Peterborough, UK


NineDots Gathering 2020 presents Igor Demba!

Igor Demba has been in business for over 10 years and truly believes he has the best job in the world. He was born in Portugal and after living and traveling all over the world, he’s picked up bits and pieces of each culture and that inspires him to keep pushing his work creatively. Recently he has been named top wedding photographer in the world by Harper’s Bazaar which really excited his mum. He’s currently based in Peterborough, England, he’s married to the wonderful Zion and they have a beautiful daughter.


The Creative Heart & Weddings

Inspiration is everywhere and as photographers it is our responsibility to foster our gifts and chase creativity. This presentation will help you set on a path of identifying characteristics that can set your photography apart in a saturated market. It’ll be an honest introspective of the world of destination weddings, lessons learnt over the years with heaps of tips on how to level up your photography and business. Let’s go homies!

Mini - Masterclass

Roids In The Wild

Roids In The Wild started as a personal project exploring the Polaroid world and has turned into something that almost every couple asks me to add in the capture of their big day. We’ll break down some creative techniques to elevate your Polaroids and bring an artistic element to the way they are presented. This is one of those presentations that will leave you inspired to create work that’s different from the norm.