Your Presenters

Fer Juaristi

Monterrey, Mexico


I’m Fer Juaristi. Father of 3, and a wedding photographer for 11 years.

Life’s been good & crazy for me, every year I start from starch & see what’s out there that can make us grow as a group. NineDots Gathering looks like a great group to keep pushing myself & feel inspired by everyone! See you in London!


Struggles, love & drive

I want to focus on how to stay inspired even when you aren’t. Building up your muscle memory by curating what your input is when you are not producing images.

What makes me tick and makes me want to keep doing for as many years as I have in me.

Mini - Masterclass

Live Shoot

How to create and see images that are not obvious. Finding locations for portraits with a twist.


Fershop: UK

(Gathering Ticket + £400)
16 November 2017

6 hour workshop that covers how some images were made, my creative process, a session with a couple & editing tips.