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Ed Peers

London, UK


Though based outside of London – Ed spends his year travelling the world as a destination wedding photographer. If you can think of a country, then Ed has probably shot a wedding there. He is a master of visual storytelling and can’t wait for him to share his story and what he knows in November.


Authentic Story Telling

Telling an authentic story of a wedding day is something extremely important to my work. I want to break down my approach identifying some key aspects that will make you a more proficient story teller. This will include the importance of vision, developing a rapport with your couples and practical considerations that will impact the way you shoot such as viewpoint/narrative, flow, transitions, setting the scene, as well as how to present a good story.

Mini - Masterclass

Making destination weddings work

Practical advice, including how to book more destination weddings, pricing for destination weddings, the right way to travel and striking a good work-life balance.


The Ed Peers Workshop

(Gathering Ticket + )
15 November 2016

A one-day workshop with Ed Peers (£450)