Your Presenters

Dom + Liam Shaw

Scarborough, UK


Dom & Liam aka York Place Studios are a brother and sister team whose distinct layered (no flash!) street-led style has created an enviable brand for photographers who want to shoot weddings *not* like wedding photography.

They believe that to create truly original work you need to leave preconceptions at the door and work moment to moment, striving to create photographs that are not just interesting to the couple or even just to the guests but to everyone, regardless of their interest in weddings. For Liam & Dom it’s people, not weddings that they consider their muse; weddings just happen to be one of the places they find them.

The pair started shooting weddings back in 2006 and, with a wealth of experience, have together collected numerous accolades including WPJA, ISPWP, Fearless and Rangefinder awards and of course photographed the inaugural NineDots Gathering in 2015! They also share a passion for street photography and when not shooting weddings they travel the world trying to experience and capture the soul of the streets.

They are both passionate about photographers creating unique voices and tuning out the white noise to find their own frequency. They believe each photographer should have an identity as unique as their fingerprints and Liam and Dom are excited about speaking on the main stage at NineDots and helping to inspire people to find the right path for them.

They strongly believe that whatever the situation there’s always a moment to capture, you just have to be mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to find it.


Controlling the Uncontrollable

We’ll focus in on the chaos that exists in the in-between moments of a wedding, explain how we go about finding and creating visually interesting images with consistency throughout the day using composition and discuss how we utilise street trips to hone our skills in recognising the potential for spontaneity in ordinary moments as training for our wedding work. We’ll also take a look at how we discovered a style within ourselves and see if we can offer a little advice on finding your vision and voice in a sometimes overwhelming field of talent.