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Aga Tomaszek

Wales, UK


Hi there! I’m Aga (yes, like the cooker in your nan’s kitchen!).

You don’t really want to know that I love chocolate, my vintage bike and first picked up my camera when I was 3 (all untrue, by the way).

But I do want to tell you that I’ve photographed over 250 weddings so far and I can not wait to document more laughs, portray more love and create more heartfelt, emotive images.

I have shot weddings in 10 countries on 3 continents (and counting!), it has been such an exciting adventure and it just keeps getting better!

I can’t wait to be part of NineDots Gathering 2017!

Mini - Masterclass

Post Processing: Natural Colour

One of the overriding comments potential couples mention in their initial enquiry is how they love the colour balance of my photos.
My mini-masterclass will provide practical insight into how I achieve my look and other editing tips that I believe subconsciously affect our first impressions of an image.