Flash & Lighting Masterclass

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If you want to know how to transform your ability to make interesting photos in whatever situation a wedding throws at you you need to learn to understand light and how to make your own.

This is an intensive practical workshop that will help you see how Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona, Andy Gaines and Mick Shah see, find and use natural light, video light and flash to make visually stunning and different photos at their weddings.

Broken down into easy to digest sections covering bridal prep, speeches, first dances, dance floors and portraits this course will help you get to grips with using one or more off camera lights as well as some quick wins and practical tips for using both artificial and natural light.

Whats Included

We believe that developing an understanding of artificial and natural lightcan elevate your wedding photography to the next level. So we have created the NineDots Flash and Lighting Masterclass to help you get to grips with making light a conscious decision in your work.

Natural Light – tips for making the most out of the natural light – finding it, seeing it, using it and posing for it to make powerful portraits – live shoot content.

Video Light – why starting simple with artificial light is the most important thing and climbing the ladder of creativity from there.

FLASH AND SPEEDLIGHTS – highly practical sessions showing how we approach and succeed at every part of the wedding day using flash and speedlights. Specific practical sections about speech and first dance lighting!

Videos in this online course:

Video 1 – Intro
Welcome to NineDots / What is creativity / What this course is all about / Thinking about light / Some basic concepts of light

Video 2 – Window Light
Making a variety of portraits in a short amount of time with only a window / letting light unlock your creative mind / creating variety without re-posing / posing for the light

Video 3 – Live Shoot Outdoors
Finding and working with the direction of the light to create portraits with attention to the lighting / Posing / Interaction

Video 4 – One Light
Starting simple / Working with a single light source / thinking about light

Video 5 – Bridal Prep
Approaching bridal prep when the light is bad / Using video light for quick wins / Introducing flash into bridal prep / building up the creativity using only a single light

Video 6 – Off Camera Flash
Thinking about off camera flash / Equipment for using off camera flash / Triggers / Stands / Mounts / Gels / Basic OCF theory

Video 7 – Speeches
Practical advice for shooting speeches / Building multiple light systems for speeches / Giving each light its own job / Working with up to four lights

Video 8 – First Dance
Practical session on shooting first dances / Building multiple light systems for first dances / Getting creative with your off camera flash

Video 9 – Special Flash
A simple trick for creating different images using only one off camera flash

Video 10 – Outro
Taking the concepts into your own work / Beyond this workshop / Making light a conscious element of your style

Flash & Lighting Masterclass

Online Video Course
£220 (25% off for NineDots Members)

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