Documentary & Storytelling Masterclass

Online Video Course
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Now available as a series of videos, recorded at our live workshop in March 2018. This is the ultimate documentary wedding photography workshop for all wedding photographers if you want to learn the art of capturing great moments and how to tell powerful, emotive stories with your images.

Whats Included

The tools and techniques you need for making powerful documentary wedding images, and how to use them across every part of the wedding for powerful story collections. Through a series of easy to follow videos we will teach you the entire mindset and toolkit we use to capture amazing moments and tell emotive stories in our work.

The moments mindset and the lost art of getting lucky. Learn how to capture the shots you always seem to miss. How to work with clients to ensure you are always in the right place at the right time. How to be fearless and get close and make photos that matter.

The art of Story Telling.  How to Find and tell a great story and the art of presenting it – we’ll teach you how to effectively cull and curate your work.  Then how to take them and create powerful images, blog posts, slideshows and albums.

Videos in this online course:

Video 1 – Intro
Welcome to NineDots / What is creativity / What is FUA / What does create your own awesome actually mean?!

Video 2 – Mindset
Letting go of hope / Where great images really come from / Why award winning photos don’t come from trying to take award winning photos / What is a moment / Empathy vs Ego

Video 3 – Composition
Why moments don’t trump everything and how we believe it’s important to not abandon ‘good photography’ just because it’s a documentary image. Using composition as a solid foundation for moment capture.

Video 4 – Toolkit Part One
The NineDots toolkit for documentary and storytelling – breaking down moment capture into easy to follow methods and techniques that we use to capture powerful moments in our work.

Video 5 – Toolkit Part Two
Building on the techniques laid down in part one to add more depth to our moment captures.

Video 6 – Empathy and Client Relationships
Working with clients and how to find the true stories within each wedding and for each unique set of people.

Video 7 – Curation and Presentation
Culling and curating your work / The thought process behind slideshows / Presenting your work in blog posts and on your portfolio

Video 8 – Live Critique
Live critique of a set of documentary photos.

Video 9 – Beyond this course

Documentary & Storytelling Masterclass

Online Video Course
£220 (25% off for NineDots Members)

Book this workshop

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