Posing + Portraits Masterclass Online

£220.00 inc. VAT



For full details of this workshop, click here: https://nine-dots.co/workshops/portraits-posing-masterclass/

Now available as a series of videos, recorded live, this course is perfect if you struggle with posing brides, grooms or couples. Mick Shah and Rahul Khona will take you through all their thought processes for posing their wedding clients for portraits. Includes live shoots as well as theory and includes working with natural light and flash.

Posing is an often overlooked skill in the quest to become a great wedding photographer and some simple attention to detail can take your portraits from good to great and also help you structure your portrait shoots on the wedding day. A must have for any wedding photographer who takes portraits on the day.


  1. matt (verified owner)

    I attended this workshop and can’t tell you how much it transformed how I thought about posing and the way I interacted with the couples I photograph. It has given me a lot more confidence and helped me simplify things. I would 100% recommend this if you’re looking to not only get better at posing but also understand the process and thinking behind making beautiful and flattering portraits.

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