Flash + Lighting Masterclass Online

£220.00 inc. VAT


For full details of this workshop, click here: https://nine-dots.co/workshops/lighting-masterclass/


Now available as a series of videos, recorded live, this is the ultimate flash and lighting wedding photography workshop for all wedding photographers if you want to really understand how to see, find and use natural light as well as working with flash on and off camera.

This is a very targeted workshop at improving your lighting skills. We share our techniques for making powerful natural light portraits, portraits with off camera flash as well as breaking down exactly how we work with multiple off camera flashes to make speeches and dancefloors look amazing. Plus LOADS of other amazing tips along the way about using flash modifiers like gels and grids, and all the other equipment we use to make working with flash as easy and fun as possible. A truly unique workshop led by Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona, Mick Shah and Andy Gaines.


  1. matt (verified owner)

    I attended this workshop in York and would highly recommend checking it out. Before this workshop I felt worried about getting the flash out for portraits on a wedding day. This totally transformed that for me and I have since been trying to use it more on a wedding day in order to be able to deliver more variety to my couples. It was also super helpful for learning how to make interesting shots in shitty rooms or locations, and likewise gaining more confidence with reception and 1st dance lighting. All things that I felt so much more confident with after this course.

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