Documentary + Storytelling Masterclass Online

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Now available as a series of videos, recorded at our live workshop in March 2018. This is the ultimate documentary wedding photography workshop for all wedding photographers if you want to learn the art of capturing great moments and how to tell powerful, emotive stories with your images.

The tools and techniques you need for making powerful documentary wedding images, and how to use them across every part of the wedding for powerful story collections. Through a series of easy to follow videos we will teach you the entire mindset and toolkit we use to capture amazing moments and tell emotive stories in our work.


  1. john1

    Absolutely AMAZING! To have all this information in one place is PRICELESS! A lot of the information I’d heard before but to have the Nine Dots Guys chatting around it all and showing fantastic examples is just perfect! I will definitely watch this time after time as I’m sure some of the gold has left my brain. I loved the funny bits like the “Segway” and I won’t be happy in life until I’ve met someone called “Angular Bob or Angular Ben”. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other workshops. Thank you Nine Dots it’s been AWESOME!

  2. lauraranftler (verified owner)

    The Nine Dots Masterclasses were easily the best workshops I’ve ever been to. SO GOOD. I learned an incredible amount. To have admired the work of these guys for so long and then to hear all about how they approach a wedding day & their attitudes to photography in general was super inspiring. On the day of a workshop it can be tough to take everything in (especially when there’s as much to learn as there is in this one and the others) so to have it available to watch over and over as and when I need to is just an incredible bonus. If you feel like you’re falling out of love with your wedding photography or you just need to give your creativity a kick up the arse, this workshop is an absolute must buy. Thank you so much Adam, Andy, Mick & Rahul for putting so much love, time & effort into Nine Dots. It’s proper good, like.

  3. Katie Kavanagh

    The kick in the arse I needed. I found myself agreeing with everything the guys said. I also found myself thinking ‘But I do that and I don’t achieve the results others do’ but it’s really about committing to a scene and having the confidence in yourself that it will all work out. That’s just one of the nuggets I got from this workshop. Thank you so much guys, the perfect antidote to the end of season blues.

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