Personal Brand Photography – Ami Robertson: The Woman and the Wolf

Transform Masterclass Series:

Personal Brand Photography
-Ami Robertson


In this series of 5 videos, Ami Robertson shows you how she built her Personal Brand Photography Business, The Woman and the Wolf – and she shows you how you can do the same!


During the pandemic filled disaster zone that is 2020, Ami has had her most successful business year ever! She shares her secrets here and takes you through everything you need to know about putting your skills to use and becoming a successful Personal Brand Photographer – A growing and lucrative market to be in!

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Section 1: Getting started

  • Ami’s Story
  • Building a brand from your passions and interest – finding a niche
  • Getting your first clients and building a portfolio
  • Finding the best businesses to work with and when to do free work
  • Establishing your brand

Section 2: Website, pricing and shoot packages

  • Website walk-through
  • The power of specialised client blogging
  • Pricing – establishing your pricing structure and up-sells
  • Shoot structure and how to create packages that work
  • Social media and marketing

Section 3: Walkthrough of a full Branding shoot

  • Equipment and what and how to shoot
  • Shooting in different environments and over-delivering
  • How to get the shots you need
  • Planning the shoot and working with clients in advance


Section 4: Post shoot process, delivery and client relationships

  • Post-shoot routine and using social media effectively
  • Maintaining great relationships with clients
  • How to ensure repeat business
  • The importance of shoot swaps and having your picture taken


Section 5: Mindset, coping with challenges and covid

  • How to develop a positive mindset to deal with adversity
  • How to make money in a pandemic or at any difficult time
  • Ideas to generate cashflow using discount shoots
  • Using adversity to connect with clients


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