Jen Bilodeau – More Than a Number – 5 pillars of a successful pricing strategy

NineDots: Business & Marketing Masterclass Day

Jen Bilodeau

More Than a Number – 5 pillars of a successful pricing strategy

Pricing Building Blocks:
Knowing What Sets You Apart – Understanding Your Target Clients – Understanding Your Costs – Your Time Investment

Understanding Your Minimum Order Requirement To Hit Your Profit Goals:
Breakdown of profitability at different price points – Discussion of MOR and the importance of maximizing profit per session

Your Selling Strategy:
The importance of selling products – 8 tips to increase product sales for any selling model (IPS/online)
Your Marketing Strategy:

Your brand statement – The importance of having activity in 4 critical marketing channels: – SEO – Social Media – Word-of-mouth – local reach

Work/life balance & sustainability

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