Family Photography – Anna Hardy

Transform Masterclass Series:

Family Photography
– Anna Hardy


In this series of 5 videos, acclaimed Family Photographer, Anna Hardy shares with you her top tips and advice on building a profitable Family Photography business that can sit alongside your wedding photography income.


Family Photography is the perfect side business to run alongside a wedding photography one. There are many complementary elements and overlaps, from clients, repeat work and being able to bring your approach and style from weddings into the Family photography arena. Anna shares some incredible tip on building a family brand, how to approach family shoots and how to sell family photography effectively. She also takes you through 2 shoots so you can see her thought processes!


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Section 1: Branding

  • Anna’s Story
  • Difference between visual and conceptual branding.
  • Taking your wedding photography and style to family photography.
  • Getting clarity on your niche and finding your ideal client.
  • Can you house weddings and families on the same website?
  • How to grow your brand from YOU


Section 2: Shooting

  • Kit and equipment.
  • Putting families at ease.
  • How to maximise each location/background.
  • Why you need to get essential shots at the start!
  • How to choose and use different locations for different ages.


Section 3: Selling

  • Why you shouldn’t shoot and burn. Finding a pricing strategy
  • Getting your pricing and your branding to meet.
  • Using your warm audience and the power of mailing lists.
  • Why you need to recognise the true value of Family Photography to sell it well.


Section 4: Newborn Shoot walkthrough


Section 5: Outdoor Family Shoot walkthrough





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