Backup Strategy – Live Interview with Paul Tansley

Backup for Wedding Photographers

Paul Tansley, a fashion photographer turned wedding photographer, runs Tansley Photography┬áin Hampshire, UK with wife Carol. He wrote the book on backup strategy for wedding photographers, well he wrote an epic blog post anyway, which you can read here. As an enthusiastic member of the NineDots community, Paul would always speak extra-passionately whenever the subject of backups and hard drives came up so Adam Johnson (ARJ Photography) chatted to him for an hour about what we as wedding photographers should be thinking about to ensure minimal risk of losing our clients images – the worst nightmare for any photographer!!

Paul gives some great tips for what equipment he uses and why, and how he keeps his backup strategy very simple and almost fully automated despite using multiple drives, onsite and offsite backups, RAID systems and cloud storage in his finely-crafted system.

Not the sexiest of subjects, but of vital importance to us all! Enjoy! And massive thanks to Paul for taking the time out to do this interview.



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