Nadine Van Biljon

Chances are you’ve already got some kind of workshop/conference/education already booked and you’re wondering whether you can really justify spending your hard-earned cash on another one?  If you can afford it, (and actually even if you can’t) don’t hesitate, and sign up for The Gathering before all the tickets are gone…it will be the best investment you make this year…and if you don’t you’ll be kicking yourself afterwards, like a lot of people are now, having missed out on November’s truly epic event!

The speakers were outstanding…yes they’re inspirational, mind-blowingly creative photographers each with their own style, but they also were real, humble, honest, relatable, comical people with it, who threw themselves head first into the spirit of The Gathering, which is about way more than just showcasing the work of these incredibly talented people.  Its about building a community of diversely talented people, who want to support, help and motivate each other in an otherwise lonely industry (that’s the sensible bit) and then play hard and party even harder…because “There Ain’t No Party Like a NineDots Party!”  Watch the slideshow and judge for yourself!

I had some genuine epiphany moments during The Gathering, which has given me a renewed sense of purpose about what, why and how I shoot and already I’m liking what I see!!

So come on, join the 9D Family…you’ll come away inspired, motivated, with a tonne of new friends (and quite possibly a raging hangover), but I guarantee you’ll also be asking where and how soon you can sign up for the next one!  Just do it…that’s all!”