Esme Mai

“This summer has been my first crazy summer working as a freelance wedding photographer. I’d been so busy catching up with editing I’d almost forgotten about the 9 Dots gathering and so I approached it without much thought and with no expectations. What an inspirational slap in the face!! 9 Dots has not only inspired my work ethic but it’s changed my mindset & inspired my personal life too. All the speakers were sensational & so laid back & approachable.

The 9 Dots guys created such a great atmosphere and It was amazing socialising with some of the best worldwide photographers, a highlight for me was dancing with some of my photography hero’s at the epic after party. 9 Dot’s was a phenomenal experience in which I learned an incredible amount that will stick with me for life (as will some of the friends I made).  I can’t enthuse enough about how beneficial this gathering is for any photographers out there who are wanting to grow and improve in their careers & life.”