Alexis Jaworski

“The choice of speakers was great and it was fascinating to see the different avenues they took to get to where they are. The choice of venue with the ping pong was inspired and I did not think originally that it would have that effect. I met many people by being asked or asking them to play or joining in. It also brought a very fun element, joviality and sometimes competitiveness.

Finally, I think that starting with the organisers, you set out the mood for the event. Just by being very approachable during the three days, everyone seemed to have left any egos outside the door. There was banter, friendship, people talking to other people that may be did not know anyone else at the gathering. It was a really friendly environment and you achieved a true “gathering”.

And the last night party was just crazy! Congratulations for putting this together and you deserve all the praise and love being shared on this page! I look forward to being part of this community and attending the next gathering if there are any tickets left!”