Dom + Liam Shaw

2015 Official Photographers, 2016 Attendees, 2017 Presenters

Last year we were asked by some of our industry friends to photograph something just a little bit different in the form of the inaugural Nine Dots Gathering in London. Having never attended anything like this before we were curious to see how we would find it and, of course, we were looking forward to the challenge of capturing the event. We quickly learnt that no-one else had attended anything quite like Nine Dots either as it was really something rather unique. Nine Dots isn’t just a gathering, it’s a family. The Nine Dots photographers (Andy Gaines, Adam Johnson, Mick Shah & Rahul Khona) really do care about putting on the best possible two day event, with an inspirational set of speakers, fantastic networking opportunities, some pretty wild games of ping pong alongside some of the most respected names in the industry and an absolute kick-ass after party – one of the best we have ever attended!

Nadine Van Biljon

2015, 2016, 2017 Attendee and 2018 Presenter

Chances are you’ve already got some kind of workshop/conference/education already booked and you’re wondering whether you can really justify spending your hard-earned cash on another one?  If you can afford it, (and actually even if you can’t) don’t hesitate, and sign up for The Gathering before all the tickets are gone…it will be the best investment you make this year…and if you don’t you’ll be kicking yourself afterwards, like a lot of people are now, having missed out on November’s truly epic event!

The speakers were outstanding…yes they’re inspirational, mind-blowingly creative photographers each with their own style, but they also were real, humble, honest, relatable, comical people with it, who threw themselves head first into the spirit of The Gathering, which is about way more than just showcasing the work of these incredibly talented people.  Its about building a community of diversely talented people, who want to support, help and motivate each other in an otherwise lonely industry (that’s the sensible bit) and then play hard and party even harder…because “There Ain’t No Party Like a NineDots Party!”  Watch the slideshow and judge for yourself!

I had some genuine epiphany moments during The Gathering, which has given me a renewed sense of purpose about what, why and how I shoot and already I’m liking what I see!!

So come on, join the 9D Family…you’ll come away inspired, motivated, with a tonne of new friends (and quite possibly a raging hangover), but I guarantee you’ll also be asking where and how soon you can sign up for the next one!  Just do it…that’s all!”

Sam Docker

2015 Attendee, 2018 Presenter

“Holy smokes batman! I’m not even sure my words can quite do justice for the NineDots gathering. It over-delivered on every level for me!! Inspirational? Yes indeed. Tangible ideas? You bet! Next level networking? errr, yeah!! Ping-Pong and one of the best parties you could imagine? HELL YEAH!!! The one downside? Having to wait a whole year for the next one!!”

Alexis Jaworski

2015 Attendee

“The choice of speakers was great and it was fascinating to see the different avenues they took to get to where they are. The choice of venue with the ping pong was inspired and I did not think originally that it would have that effect. I met many people by being asked or asking them to play or joining in. It also brought a very fun element, joviality and sometimes competitiveness.

Finally, I think that starting with the organisers, you set out the mood for the event. Just by being very approachable during the three days, everyone seemed to have left any egos outside the door. There was banter, friendship, people talking to other people that may be did not know anyone else at the gathering. It was a really friendly environment and you achieved a true “gathering”.

And the last night party was just crazy! Congratulations for putting this together and you deserve all the praise and love being shared on this page! I look forward to being part of this community and attending the next gathering if there are any tickets left!”

Esme Mai

2015 Attendee

“This summer has been my first crazy summer working as a freelance wedding photographer. I’d been so busy catching up with editing I’d almost forgotten about the 9 Dots gathering and so I approached it without much thought and with no expectations. What an inspirational slap in the face!! 9 Dots has not only inspired my work ethic but it’s changed my mindset & inspired my personal life too. All the speakers were sensational & so laid back & approachable.

The 9 Dots guys created such a great atmosphere and It was amazing socialising with some of the best worldwide photographers, a highlight for me was dancing with some of my photography hero’s at the epic after party. 9 Dot’s was a phenomenal experience in which I learned an incredible amount that will stick with me for life (as will some of the friends I made).  I can’t enthuse enough about how beneficial this gathering is for any photographers out there who are wanting to grow and improve in their careers & life.”

Lucy Greenhill

2015 Attendee

“The Nine Dots gathering was one of the best experiences of my photography career! The whole gathering was incredible, the speakers were fantastic and inspiring and the parties truly epic. But what I loved most was the amazing community that was built through out the whole two days and beyond. I can not wait for next year!! bring it on.”

Alan Law

2015, 2017, 2018 Attendee, 2016 Presenter

“Man, what to say about the awesome event that was the Gathering? Well, I knew it was gonna be fab – I was one of the first to snap up a ticket – but it exceeded my (already sky high) expectations by a mile. The speakers, yes – all totally inspiring. The venue – how can you beat cider and table tennis? The people, the atmosphere, the feeling – that’s where they created their own amazing: I’ve been to workshops before, but they’ve never felt like this, never. The people who came, the openness, the friendliness, the mixing of attendees and speakers alike, without any egos…it was special. And I’ve come away personally incredibly inspired, in lots of different ways. Here’s to next year!”

Lanny Mann

2015 Presenter

“What a wild ride that was!!!! Thank you all so much for making this gathering such an awesome experience for Erika and me. We are so happy we got to be a part of this with all of you. Mick, Andy, Adam, Rahul… you guys should be so proud of yourselves!!! You’ve really created something special here! Thanks for taking such great care of us. We just finished up our 2-day masterclass with the coolest group of talented, awesome people. Thanks so much, guys, from the bottom of our hearts, for trusting us on your journey. And thanks to each and everyone of you for cheering us on up there on that scary stage.”

Ross Harvey

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Presenter

“These words are the honest truth, no hyperbole or exaggeration; go to the next 9D Gathering. Do it. It was the most fun and inspirational photography event I’ve been to. It had everything; inspirational speakers, fantastic attitudes and awesome attendees (and one of the best parties I’ve been to in my entire life). Seriously. Do it.”

Erin Chrisman

2015 Presenter

“When we signed on for this, we didn’t know what to expect, especially since it was their first time organizing something like this. But I will tell you that it says a lot that I am STILL sitting here thinking about that week, and the impression it left on me. My heart gets a little twitch every time I think about those four guys and the wonderful people I met in London. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this group. They have so much heart, so much passion, and are some of the most generous and thoughtful people I’ve ever met.

I realized during Ross Harvey’s fantastic talk (he was second, after Ben and I kicked it off) that this gathering was high-level. The material was advanced and made me think deeply about new ideas and concepts; the organization was professional yet fun and casual; and the party was… well you can see for yourself in the slideshow”