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Yves Schepers



Being a former engineer, Yves Schepers took a 180* turn in life and ventured out in the creative world of wedding photography. Since the start, he strived to be a complete wedding photographer; his photography being a hybrid between artistic portraiture and authentic documentary photography. Always focusing on keeping things real and honest.

Yves’ work is recognized around the globe and has won numerous international awards with the highlights being “Masters of Wedding Photography” Photographer of the year 2017, WPJA Photographer of the year 2019 and This Is Reportage Photographer of the year 2020.

These merits have brought him to the stage of several international wedding photography conferences and become a brand ambassador for leading companies like DreambooksPro and Sony.

Yves is looking forward to joining Nine Dots this year because the amazing UK community of wedding photographers is always so welcoming, feels like family and well… the party is epic! And besides the obvious, he’s eager to share a brand new and personal talk on a period that changed the way he stands in life. And no, it’s not COVID 🙂


The relentless search for perfection

Sometimes you’re forced to stop and change the direction you’re going. This talk tells my personal story. The good, the bad & the ugly.