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Wing Yan Man


NineDots Gathering 2020 presents Wing Yan Man!

The millennial, a.k.a. the Nokia 3310 generation, handles a great deal of challenges nowadays. Often seen as spoiled and as the first internet generation to conquer the world. Besides the external pressure, millennials often feel lost in their choices, in loneliness and strive for perfection.

How do you survive in a world that is ever changing and is built by their analogue parents? After a diverse career in engineering, corporate consultancy and experiencing a burnout, Wing Yan Man founded 3310 – School for Millennials. At 3310, you learn the practical skills with and from fellow millennials on how to live and work in a new paradigm that suits this generation. With authenticity, love and plenty of 90’s throwbacks, this school strives to serve an inclusive audience wishing for millennials to have the true impact the world needs. Visit for more information.


The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire - The Burnout Survival Guide

Planning 80 weddings in 3 months, endless mail threads with bridezilla’s, being the expert of your equipment, and then you’re expected to deliver award winning photos, EVERY TIME, ON TIME!

And between projects, what about being a good partner / friend / parent?

Join this workshop to breathe, reflect and learn how to put less pressure on yourself!