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Tyler Wirken


Hi! I’m Tyler Wirken. I’m a husband, dad, and founder/lead photographer of Wirken Photography.

I work hard to tell stories that matter, to capture family and friends and show why we do what we do. Good photography celebrates what truly matters. The right images help us remember, even after the party is over, the kids are grown, the people are gone. Documenting what’s important is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly.


Finding Clarity

Over the span of my 20 year career as a wedding photographer, finding clarity is the one tool that changed everything the most for me. The number one thing needed to be a successful documentary storyteller is knowing what to look for. Weddings make that difficult as they can be overwhelming to say the least and difficult to manage. Finding clarity allows you space to not only find but make photos that go beyond just wedding photography.
My hope is you walk away from my talk thinking a bit differently about yourself, your career path, and your purpose as a photographer.

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