Two Mann Studios

Erika and Lanny are a dysfunctional team that make up Two Mann Studios. Erika has not be drawn to photography since a young age. Lanny quite often doesn’t pick up a camera for months. Erika questions the value of everything she does, especially photography. Lanny is obsessive about perfection to the point that editing/nutrition and fitness sometimes get in the way of leading a healthy balanced life. Erika often questions her career choice and still wonders what she wants to be when she grows up. When Lanny misses a shot, which is often, it’s like the apocalypse is coming down. Erika is in a constant search for meaning, and finding that meaning in photography has been hard. Lanny also struggles with finding that meaning. Together, they have realized that all of these thoughts and struggles are completely normal, and just part of being strong, healthy, regular people. It wasn’t until recently that they realized that the ‘meaning’ they were trying to find in photography has nothing to do with the actual photography. It is found in the relationships they fosters, what they chooses to focus on, and choosing to see the world with wonder and curiosity (even when it’s really boring). Their photographs are a bi-product of all of this. Erika is easily excitable, impatience, blunt as fuck (especially with her husband Lanny), and adventurous. Lanny is head-strong, stubborn, philosophical and incorrigible. You can view their work here (, here ( and here (

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