Your Presenters

Laura and Pete Lawson

Lancashire, UK


These guys have been photographing weddings since before you were born (if you were born after 2005 anyway). In the last couple of years they’ve added film making to their repertoire, and picked up a few awards in the process.

Like true northerners they love hot beverages, drizzly days and knitwear. They have an excessively photographed four year old called Albert, and a deep love for anyone who will laugh or cry in their face. Pete used to play ping pong at school and Laura doesn’t like to lose, so he is in need of a ping pong partner.

Mini - Masterclass

Stills to Motion

As soon as we started making films we became OBSESSED, it is so flipping fun (shhh don’t tell anyone). We want to show you how to take that burning desire at the back of your mind to make a film and actually MAKE a film. Where to start, what to buy and why films are better than pictures (kidding! We still love pictures!).