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Spencer Lum

New York, USA


Hey! I’m Spencer, and I’m based in Brooklyn. I started doing weddings back in 2003 and have been shooting ever since. Eventually, I found myself listed as one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the world and speaking on stage at awesome events like 9 Dots (and a bunch of others), which was all crazy to me, but, hey, I love the ride. I still shoot weddings and I’m working on a fine art book, but training photographers to market, sell, and get clients has been my primary jam for the past several years. I’m a big believer in letting your voice lead the way no matter what you do, shooting without giving a crap what others think, and taking care of your clients.


Transformative Selling

You’ll learn how to use sales psychology to power both your sales and your marketing, so you can rip right through resistance and suck people into your universe with love, care, and irresistible influence.

Mini - Masterclass

Creating the perfect offer by finding your No

Most people don’t know it, but sales resistance is the greatest gift a business owner can get. And if you use it right, you can turn the tables and consistently turn every “no” you get into a bigger “yes” for your business. I’ll show you what to do.