Your Presenters

Shaunte Dittmar

California, USA


Hello, I’m Shaunte’! I’m so honored to be a speaker at NineDots but more excited to see everyone and grow together as photographers! I am originally from Southern California but have landed myself in Lake Tahoe where I’ve lived for the last ten years. I’m a mix of an introverted creative and an outdoor adventurer who loves to travel.

I am a self-taught photographer who learned quickly after college that I was not put on this earth to grind away at an office job. I received my first “big” camera in 2009 and have been photographing ever since. What started out as a hobby of landscape and extreme sports photography eventually transformed itself into a wedding photography business mixed with personal projects and travel. I’m honored to have received recognition from National Geographic, Lens Culture as well as WPJA. Over the last three years my photography took a turn and I managed to pick up 88 wedding photojournalism awards. I’m a big believer that your best work will come from being unapologetically yourself, letting go and photographing from a place of truth.


You do you.

Where is the divide between your personal work and your wedding work? Or is it possible for them to flow together as one vison? We hesitate to photograph how we want in fear that we will be rejected. But what is reward without risk? If we are all inherently unique then why are we all trying to photograph the same? Over the course of an hour, I will talk about what it really means to not only push outside your comfort zone but how to find your own vision in the process. Through my own failures, risks, experiences, and rejection my hope is to shed light on the fact that you can still go against the grain and bring value to our industry while not loosing trust from your couples.

Mini - Masterclass

Wedding PJ Critique

I will spend 30 minutes critiquing a select few photos from photographers who want an honest and open assessment. The emphasis will be put on a photojournalistic approach covering thought process, approach, mistakes, framing as well as some additional information on how to improve for next time. I will also include a quick question/answer session at the end if there is time.