Your Presenters

Ross Harvey

Norwich, UK


Going full time in 2010 – Ross’ global reputation has exploded, and has been described as a force in the industry. He states that success is not about following the steps of others, but rather understanding the nature of reality and optimising your mindset and belief systems. He earned a Masters Degree in Science at university, while at the same time teaching himself graphic/web design (his previous job).

As well as being renowned for his artistic skills and growing collection of awards (Best Wedding Photographer in England for the last two years running and the top UK Fearless Awards winner), he’s also known for his peaceful personality, unwavering smile, eclectic knowledge and love for helping others connect with happiness and creativity.


The Key to Success (or Failure)

There is a fine line between what makes a person – and hence a business – a striving success or a hopeless failure; dreams attained or lost. A thread runs through the backbone of all success stories, and it’s this thread I will be unravelling and sharing with you. Its importance supersedes photographic techniques (both photojournalistic and creative), editing styles, marketing and promotion. It’s the keystone of your ability. Use it to your advantage.

Mini - Masterclass

TWIA Winners Image Critiques

Two time winner of The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) Wedding Photographer of the Year, and now a judge for the same award, Ross will be joining forces with Adam Johnson and Andy Gaines – also winners of the TWIA title – to perform a live critique in the mini-masterclass zone. Get a unique insight into how Ross, Andy and Adam see images, and how they have all won awards with an insane attention to detail in how they shoot.