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Ross Harvey

Norwich, UK (and deep in your psyche)


A fellow human being making sense of life on this space ship we call Earth. The story so far: we’re each incredibly powerful. Imagineers.

Mini - Masterclass

Perfect Your Pricing. From £2K to £10K.

Pricing can be a pain in the ass. It can also be empowering. How is it that some charge £1K, others £2K and some £10K? What sets them apart? What models to they use? How can YOU be confident with higher prices? I shall reveal some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, from my original £200 all day package to £10K+.


UPGRADE. You. Only better.

(Gathering Ticket + £475)
16 November 2017

+ Fine art and photojournalism (they can work together)
+ Lightning fast Lightroom (editing is easy)
+ Emotive portraits (genuine and honest)
+ Communication (never, ever underestimate this)
+ Creative composition (some advanced stuff in here!)
+ Finding the light (anywhere, anytime, with any light source)
+ Mind mechanics (master your mind – CRUCIAL)
+ Stupidly easy OCF (flash *really* doesn’t need to be complex)
+ Live shoot and live edit
+ Proud Pricing (the barriers of £10K weddings)
+ Lots of other nuggets!