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Rocio Vega



I was born in Colombia, and at the age of 20 I came to live to Spain to study cinematography in Septima Ars, and then Professional photography and Master in digital Photography in Efti, Madrid. I have been a freelance photographer for 16 years, created my own company Veroa, and now I identify as Momenticos by Rocio Vega. My personal evolution is very tied to my professional evolution, always learning and evolving, always thirsty of life and knowledge.

The emotions create our memories. The things we’ve been through, all that we have lived intensely remains guarded in our heart. But our memory is fragile and photography make those blurry recollections recover brightness, gives us the possibility of remembering forever these instants that make our life unique. My passion is to capture the best way those momenticos, this small instants in which the soul undresses and teaches its essence. I live through every wedding as a great celebration being conscious that probably this one will be the only time that all of them are in the same place simultaneously, looking for the connections, the bounds that join them, that one that thrills them and makes them cry of happiness.



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Mini - Masterclass

One flash set-up many possibilities

How to take advantage of just 1 flash, how to squeeze the most out of our light set-up.