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Rocio Vega



Who would have imagine where I was going to end up 20 years ago when I first arrived to Spain, with a big bag full of dreams a Pentax K1000 and some rolls of negatives film. I came to study cinematography lighting (Septima ARS, Madrid), for a year that could be extended for a second year. I won a scholarship to study photography at EFTI, Madrid, where I got a bachelors degree in digital photography. I was a black and white analog film lover. The digital world that was just beginning and was still far from my dream of becoming an architect photographer.

Unintentionally, I started working as a wedding videographer — carrying a huge camera on my shoulders. I hated every second of those two years, but it helped me realize what I didn’t want to do. I moved to a smaller city, after living in Madrid for five years, with the hopes of making a living out of my photography passion — I started shooting weddings. My first year (2004) I shot four weddings with my Canon Rebel 300D. I had no clue what I was doing. I only knew I didn’t want to do what I saw others where doing, the classic portraits in the same locations, and the posed pictures looking at the camera. I started my journey going to sunflower fields and yellow rural fields. Within a couple of years of shooting in those unknown locals, all of the rest of the photographers started copying my work and my locations. That pushed me to come back to the city and start shooting in the streets. By that time, I had started using off-camera flash (OCF) and had an assistant with a flash on a monopod. But, I still had no clue all the OCF techniques I could use. The flash modifiers we use today weren’t even in our dreams yet.

Everything changed completely in 2012. I realized there was a universe outside of my small town, with incredible photographers rocking in the industry, I discovered Fearless photographers, photo conventions, and private workshops. It was as if up until then I was living in a cave and suddenly I got out into the real modern world.

It has been and continues to be an amazing and passionate journey. I teach people to remain open and eager to learn because there are so many new elements of this craft that are ever-expanding. New layers, new fields and genres, new techniques. Photography is so prosperous, I love it for that.

At some point I realized it’s not only about techniques. I have strong lived experiences that have changed my life and helped me grow as a human and photographer. Those experiences have influenced my photography. Our lens speaks about our life. The path of knowing myself is the path of finding my own voice, my own style. Through my experiences, my photography has evolved, and now my photography is the path of my life.


Fear less, flash more

Loose the fear to flashes and enhance your photography with your best ally: your own light.

Mini - Masterclass

Let’s use flash!

We will recreate a wedding scene and will use the flashes to enhance the scene!