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Robin Goodlad



I’m a wedding photographer based in Dorset, with a deep affinity for wild landscapes and the outdoors which drives my passion for putting couples in epic landscapes, and seeking out the best light. I also run a successful food photography business, and I’m a big believer in skills transferring across between genres, diversity is a good thing, and the principles are the same. When not shooting weddings I can be found wandering the mountains or beaches, waiting for hours for that one epic moment for the perfect photograph.

Becoming a wedding photographer has been a long and winding journey over the last 20 years, via careers as a mountaineering instructor, firefighter and lifeboatman, before focusing on my true calling. Attending the last Gathering was a pivotal moment for me in taking my photography to the next level, so quickly in fact I was honoured to be named as NineDots Photographer Of The Year in 2019 shortly after.

I love helping others to learn, and hopefully I can pass on some of the knowledge I have picked up on my journey to help your photography!

Mini - Masterclass

Subliminal mind games - the subconscious power of effective composition

Photography is all about communication, and a fundamental part of this is transferring the vision in your mind into the eyes of the viewer. We have the power to make our clients love a photograph, without them ever understanding why. The secret is through clear and effective composition, subliminally making them see what we want them to see.

There are many tried and tested ‘rules’ of composition; we don’t of course have to follow these and can break them as much as we like, but by understanding what they are and how they work we can use them as an incredibly powerful tool to subliminally direct the viewer with maximum impact, without them realising. This mini-masterclass is designed to give you a deeper understanding of this magic art, and a simple toolbox to take away for your next shoot, or to polish and elevate your existing work. I’ll even share how the origins of some of the best compositions can be found in a humble cauliflower!

With these techniques in the back of your mind, you’ll never look at a photo the same way again!