Your Presenters

Nessa Kessinger

Baltimore USA


I’m Nessa and I make art in Baltimore, Maryland. All kinds of art. And not just in Baltimore. I make video, photos, and illustrations. I love the act of creating something new, learning new things, and I also like documenting moments where everything lines up, if only for a second. I’m also partial to education and I’m really looking forward to NineDots because it means an opportunity to meet with other people who love to create things and want to learn.


Mindfulness in Wedding Photography

Have you ever thought about applying mindfulness to your wedding photography business? I’ll will explain how mindfulness is there from the initial client interaction all the way through shooting to to designing albums. We’ll talk about empathizing with customers and subjects as well as with who you cater your business to so you’re getting the clients you want and are happier for it.

Mini - Masterclass

Live Shoot: Mindfulness in Lighting

We’re going to be shooting with intentionality while talking almost exclusively about light. How it can change the contours of the face, change the mood by moving just a few feet. We’ve dive into, not only on how to flatter our clients, but how to look for ways to use lighting to creating unique photographs.