Your Presenters

Neil Redfern

Manchester, UK


NineDots Gathering 2020 presents Neil Redfern!

Hi! I’m Neil, a wedding photographer based in Manchester in the UK. I have been photographing weddings across the UK and overseas for over 15 years now, in which time I have photographed over 500 weddings and won numerous awards.

I am an Ambassador for MagMod and Studio Ninja and I am probably best known for my off camera flash images. I run regular workshops to help other photographers see that off camera flash is nothing to be scared of – and that is what I will be showing you at the Gathering! Having said that, I am passionate about documentary images and capturing moments authentically.

As well as shooting weddings, I also have a successful YouTube channel with almost 40,000 subscribers and run my own Patreon community, which is now the home of all my wedding photography education content.

Attending the first NineDots gathering in 2015 was a game changer for me so I am so excited to now be presenting at this year’s Gathering!

Mini - Masterclass

Creating something from nothing

I will demonstrate in a live shoot how using off camera flash can help us create cool and creative portrait images out of absolutely nothing!