Your Presenters

Nadine Van Biljon

London, UK


Hi I’m Nadine…or NVB, Dina, Auntie Noodles or the Album Ninja depending on how you first met me. Leafy Surrey is Home, which I share with my carnivorous South African husband and my two spirited little live-wires. My other loves in life are sunshine, sailing, a good cocktail and making charitable monthly donations to my gym, which one of these days I plan to actually attend. Hopefully by the time I see you, I’ll have good progress to report on that front!

Like many people here I had an upbringing and previous career that in no way involved a camera and if I’d have put down professional photographer on my careers form I’d have surprised myself as much as my uni fee-paying parents!

For 18 years I made a suitably respectable career out of selling things I actually knew very little about…IT bits and bobs if you want to get all technical. What it proved to me is that you don’t need to talk techy about products to get people to buy them, you need to show them how much better their lives (or their bank balances) will be by doing so…which leads me nicely into what I’d love to share with you.

Mini - Masterclass

How to win friends, influence people…oh, and make more money!

‘Selling’ is pretty fundamental to running a successful and profitable business but many people feel uncomfortable with it. Its often seen as a dirty word, mostly by people who’ve experienced it being done to them, and badly, or because they fear they aren’t born with the gift of the gab to pull it off credibly. But unless we’re happy to embrace the starving artist concept (I’m not – I have children with a demanding social life to support!) then we need to embrace it, own it, and believe it benefits not just us, but primarily the clients we serve.

I’ll share with you the impact a change in mindset and a clearly defined sales process can make to your relationships with your clients and how much of their hard earned cash they are happy to throw at you. I earned the aforementioned Album Ninja title by stealthily making good money from selling and upselling them to most of my clients, using the very technique I’ll be sharing with you but the same approach applies whether its just to get booked in the first place, sell wall art, prints, engagement shoots, workshops, commercial work or whatever you want people to buy into. We need to make money out of this passion we call work and do it unashamedly, by creating real value for our clients and I’m excited to share with you how I do it.