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Nadia Meli

London, UK


NineDots Gathering 2020 presents Nadia Meli!

Nadia Meli is Italian born, raised in Germany, and has found home by the english seaside in Brighton. She started her wedding photography business back in 2009. For a decade Nadia has captured destination weddings all over the globe, from New Zealand to South Africa.
In 2019 she closed the wedding photography chapter and moved on to Portrait Photography.

Nadia is not passionate about photography but about people: she sees photography as a key to get close to people. To connect and unlock their stories. Her style is driven by a sense of belonging that connects all of us because we’re all looking to belong.

In 2012 she started teaching workshops and is the founder of The Signature Style System, a course focused on developing a vision for photographers, not just an editing style. In 2017 Nadia became a Nikon Europe Ambassador and is the host of The Signature Boss as well as the FloInsider Podcast.

Mini - Masterclass

Live Couples Shoot

How to create photos with connectivity + intimacy without using Pinterest Inspiration