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Melissa Love



Melissa Love is a graphic designer and website developer who works with creative professionals to help them develop a strong brand presence and stand out in a crowded market. She is passionate about affordable design for small businesses and founded The Design Space to help photographers, designers and other makers grow their businesses on and offline. She is also the founder of The Marketing Fix, the membership that helps creatives build their marketing funnel. Based in the UK, she is also a keen photographer.


Why Every Photographer Needs A Marketing Funnel

Many creatives rely on referrals and hoping to get lucky on social media. Instead, Melissa Love will explain the moving parts and the strategies she uses to build marketing funnels that produce leads on auto-pilot. In this entertaining and information-packed talk, Melissa will teach you:

* How to use a marketing funnel to reduce risk in your business and ‘turn on the tap’ to get a steady flow of clients.
* How to establish trust and expertise in an authentic way so that your clients step away from making decisions based on price
* How to build a beautiful, automated marketing funnel that runs on autopilot.

Mini - Masterclass

Easy Content Creation

This mini masterclass will help you nail your content ideas, writing style and workflow.

No more panic posting on social media. I’m going to share with you the simple system I use to create magnetic content for my blog, website and social channels that people genuinely want to hear.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to write copy for your website or create social media posts. My system works for any kind of content and takes just 15 minutes per day.

The course covers…
* Emotion-based research
* Nailing down your content pillars
* Finding your voice & workflow
* Repurposing the hell out of everything!

This is for you if..

– You’re randomly posting on social media with no strategy
– You’re often stuck with what to say and worry what you’re posting is ‘boring’
– You want an effortless step-by-step system to follow that makes creating and repurposing content simple