Your Presenters

Mauricio Arias

California, USA (via Nicaragua!)


Mauricio Arias is a key member of the world-conquering Chrisman Studios – his insane creative talents and his ability to capture the ridiculously awesome in the seemingly mundane everyday is unmatched – as are his skills for documentary photography and his trophy cabinet backs up this fact. We can’t wait to have him as part of the Gathering 2016!


Inspiration 2.5

The journal of my ignorance in the world of imagery and my conclusions trying to understand the wedding industry! I’ll talk about connecting with the human side of wedding photography and asking ‘what’s real?’ as well as sharing some of my tips for making creatively awesome wedding images.

Mini - Masterclass

Challenge Mauricio

This will be a live shoot where we put Mauricio to his wild and creative best, as we challenge him to make awe inspiring images right in front of us and find out how his mind works when it comes to actually making his pictures.


Mauricio One Day Workshop

(Gathering Ticket + )

A full day getting inside the head of one of our industry’s greatest creative talents, spend the day with Mauricio learning, getting inspired and shooting. Cost £695.