Your Presenters

Maarten Devoldere



The overall winner of the 2016 NineDots Gathering print competition is back in 2017 with a mini-masterclass! Maarten was born and bred in Roeselare, Belgium. Once an altar boy, later a chain smoker, he eventually understood that photography was his true calling. Since that day he hasn’t ceased to focus on all things spontaneous. Maarten wants to observe, rather than direct and his work on his hometown oozes with the spirit of the city, while avoiding the cliché. Roeselare remains his basecamp from where he aims his typical gaze upon Belgium and the world.

Mini - Masterclass

Make Krottegem great again!

Nothing really worked when I was young. My school was not a big success… I couldn’t find a job… I felt like a loser. Then I found photography.

It is not necessary to go to Africa, India or Russia to tell a good story. Everywhere you look you can find a good story. Start in your own town like i did. I have a personal project in my home town, a small town where 60,000 people live. The project is about life itself. There is a part of town, called Krottegem which directly translates as “town of the outcasts”.

You have a unique view when you take pictures close to home and it helps you when you take pictures away from these places.