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Liam Crawley

Cheshire, UK


Liam is one half of the infamous duo, The Crawleys.

After a short lived career in the Royal Marines Liam decided to focus on his creative side and retrained as a photographer. Originally focusing on landscapes he soon started to get requests to shoot family and friends weddings, and the rest as they say, is history! His compositional background in landscape photography made its way in to his wedding shooting style and he was soon in high demand up and down the country, and overseas.

Together with Bee, Liam has shot over 500 weddings all over the world since he started in the industry back in 2002 and his philosophy is simple … love who you are as a person and seek out the images at weddings that make you buzz!

Liam has won many awards during his time as a wedding photographer, too many to list! His most recent include TWIA UK Highly commended UK wedding photographer of the year 2017, and TWIA North West wedding photographer of the year 2017.

Liam can’t wait to speak at The Gathering and he is mostly looking forward to meeting new friends, sharing some awesome knowledge, and having a mega party!

Mini - Masterclass

Staying creative and original

When it comes to shooting wedding portraits I believe you can’t choose your style. If you want to remain fulfilled, content, and happy with your work you need to be happy in yourself … YOU are your style.

Liam’s talk will focus on the elements he feels have been most influential in developing and nurturing his unique shooting style which has taken him all over the world!