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Kristi Odom



Kristi Odom is a wedding and nature photographer who is based in Washington DC, and most at home while exploring the world. From destination weddings in Thailand to conservation projects in the jungles of Borneo, she is dedicated to documenting the vast beauty in the world around us. Kristi has built her career by melding her personal passions with wedding photography, which in turn has created a business that is both profitable and rewarding. She loves to give back by sharing this approach with fellow photographers and encouraging them to do the same.

Kristi‚Äôs work has won more than 60 international awards including a Rangefinder grand prize, 4 Junebug Best of Best, 21 ISPWP awards, 2 WPPI first place awards, and 25 Fearless awards. She has been a judge for WPPI’s annual print competition, Fearless Awards as well as others. Her photojournalism and nature photography has been on exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and has been featured on, at the offices of Nat Geo and on the billboards of Times Square. Her public speaking credits include the Nikon Theater, WPPI, Fearless Conference, Adventure Always, REI, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Emotional Explosion: Making people cry... in a good way of course

Emotions are powerful y’all! How do you take an emotion and make it two dimensional? How do you help your clients open up emotionally in front of a camera? Kristi will dive into the world of emotional photography, from helping create moments to seeing emotion differently. Kristi will even talk about the emotional sell, and how simple things like how you sequence your portfolio images can take your viewer on an emotional rollercoaster. Tears and cheers forever!

Mini - Masterclass

How to fund your wanderlust

From booking and shooting destination weddings, to details about the world of crowdfunding, Kristi Odom will show you how her photography has taken her to six continents and helped raise thousands of dollars for the causes she believes in.