Your Presenters

Joshua D’hondt

Antwerp, Belgium


Photography and people are my two greatest passions. Utterly curious – a nice legacy I got from my grandmother – I love to meet new people, observe them and capture what they are all about. I am both outgoing and calm so to make everyone feel at ease. Very patient, I have a special radar for shenanigans.

My goal is to document small but great moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, to capture the moment just as it felt that day. I am a visual storyteller.

Mostly self-taught, I have been a professional photographer for the last 12 years, full time since 2013. I am based in Antwerp & Waasmunster, Belgium, and travel in (and sometimes out) Europe for Day in the Life sessions, Weddings and Editorial photography as well as coaching. I am at my best when shooting true, unstaged and profound moments and events – in a relaxed atmosphere.

Public speaking is far out of my comfort zone, and that is exactly why I do it every now and then. I was told 9Dots is the funnest conference and community in Europe, so my expectations are up! I look forward to meeting you!


Mind maps & Mental spaces - a systematic approach to creativity

A conceptual guide through the thought process that comes with building complex images and seeing stronger moments. On making deliberate choices on what, where, how and -let’s not forget why- we shoot what we shoot.

Better understanding our habits and recurring patterns helps us strengthen our skills and deepen our knowledge as to who we are and what we stand for as a photographer.

Mini - Masterclass


Creating complex images is more than just looking what is happening in front you. Join me in the proces of building and using spacial mind maps to create better images. A future proof tool!