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NineDots Gathering 2018 Presents Jennifer Moher | NineDots

Your Presenters

Jennifer Moher

Ontario, Canada


Jennifer Moher is a full time wedding photographer based in Peterborough, Ontario. Jennifer has won many awards and has been published several times but nothing has left her feeling more accomplished then when she successfully became the Canadian winner of Buffy the Vampire slayer trivia. When she is not photographing weddings you can find her at local hockey arenas cheering on her two daughters or at a local karaoke bar singing songs from a preplanned list that she brings with her everytime.

In all honesty – Jennifer is terrible at writing bio’s and is really just super thrilled to come and hang out with all of you becuase community is everything to me – I mean, her.


The Movie Talk

The Movie talk is an entertaining and informative talk that extensively compares cinema to wedding photography. We will look at several aspects of film making which we can apply to our own work in order to become better storytellers.

In other words – This presentation is a total excuse for me to create a presentation that includes scenes from Jurassic Park and Mrs.Doubtfire

You will not want to miss this one!

Mini - Masterclass

The A-Z guide to winning at wedding photography (and life)

A is for Asking for what you want in business and in life and Z is for ziplock bags. Find out why these and 24 additional alphabetized concepts and objects are incredibly important to running your business.