Your Presenters

Jeff Cooke + Jenn Nauss



Free-spirited and bursting with creativity, the innovative award-winning photography team of Cooked Photography will be sure to blow you away!

With over 7 years of experience working together, their visually stunning and emotionally-charged, moment-driven photography tell stories that will bring a smile to your face and leave you just a little breathless.

Jeff and Jenn are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and are two of the four photographer team of Cooked Photography.

Jeff is the owner and lead photographer and has travelled the world visually narrating captivating stories of couples caught up in life’s most romantic adventure. Jenn started as an assistant but has grown into a lead associate and editing manager for Cooked Photography, and was voted one of Canada’s top wedding photographers under 30 for two years in a row. Together, they work to break the status quo of wedding photography.

Jeff + Jenn are beyond excited to speak at Nine Dots and are looking forward to meeting new friends and connecting with the amazing community … which of course also means sharing a few pints while being schooled at Ping Pong!


A High Five For Success

5 things that we hold in high regard to be successful as a wedding photographer. Told through a collection of stories explaining the “how” and “why” we went from being one very overwhelmed photographer to a highly sought after, successful team of 4 photographers.

Mini - Masterclass

Learning From Your "If Only's"

Gathering a collection of images from Nine Dots attendees and selecting a few to do a live critique session led by Jeff + Jenn.


The Cooked Workshop

(Gathering Ticket + £400)
12 November 2017

We’ll work together to practice and collaborate on creative ideas + tricks we do at every wedding to keep things interesting and fun. We’ll discuss how we work as a successful team (as two leads and not lead with assistant). We’ll focus on how we capture two unique stories and bringing them together as one. We’ll walk through our editing / workflow process and also conduct portfolio/website reviews / and wedding critiques. This will be a workshop aimed at growing as a photographer while becoming a better team.