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Franck Boutonnet



Franck has been a documentary photographer for 18 years. He divides his time between his daughter, his personal long-term projects, his wedding photo-reportages and conferences and “item”, the photography agency he co-founded in 2001, dedicated to concerned documentary photography. Over the years, he joined international structures such as WPJA, ISPWP, WPS or Fearless and his work has been regularly awarded (250 awards). In his photographic approach, he feels close to the tradition of humanist photography. For his personal projects like for his weddings, he tries to tell a story or different stories with a highly personal vision, trying to have a lyrical and poetic strength in his images.

Franck Boutonnet is represented by the collectif item and his documentary work on wedding can be seen on and


Wedding photography, a documentary approach

I will explain how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary by showing my creative process. The perfect wedding day doesn’t exist, and yet some photographers manage to produce great imagery. I will convince the attendees that it is possible to stay creative in the most unlikely places and even with the worst couples.

Also I will share with the attendees how to gain access to more freedom in their creative process. This presentation will create a connection with people who don’t dare putting their own personal history in their photography, even if this one may have some dark sides. We all go through struggles in our lives, and we have to turn them into strength and to use them in our photography.