Your Presenters

Davina + Daniel

Montreal, Canada


Davina + Daniel are hugely successful wedding photographers and business owners based in Montreal, Canada. Having been winners of Fearless Photographer of the year as well as picking up most other awards going, they have also set up a successful associates studio and established the industry’s premier post processing business with Image Salon.


17 November 2016

Light and Composition - Take your images to the Next Level

Daniel and Davina will be sharing their incredible wealth of knowledge on how they see and capture light and use compositional theory to make award-winning images. By the end of their presentation you’ll know how you can practically apply the same ideas and techniques to take your images to that next level.

Mini - Masterclass

Next Level Post-production

Recognised as industry leaders with their editing style long before they set up The Image Salon, in this practical session Davina and Daniel will be sharing some of the editing techniques that helped them to create their award-winning images and become two of the most in-demand destination wedding photographers of the last decade.



(Gathering Ticket + £495)
15 November 2016

Join us for an intensive, 1-day workshop during which we will share everything we know about light, photography, and the business of weddings. We teach with our hearts fully invested, and we don’t hold back on anything. Nothing is ever off-topic, and we encourage everyone to participate with discussions & questions. We will be doing a live shoot, and go through our entire thought process. Among many other topics, we will cover the following:

– Creating photos that you will be proud of, while making your clients (& their families) happy.
– Attracting the right clients, marketing yourself, and traveling for weddings.
– Understanding natural light, and “creating it” when it’s not available.
– Composition, framing, reflections, and all that good stuff.
Moments, moments, and more moments.
– Finding inspiration at every wedding, and in everyday life.
– Complete demo of our editing process.