Claire Penn

In 2008, I returned home from my honeymoon in Italy with a sudden obsession for photography… promptly sold my wedding dress and used the money to buy my first DSLR camera. After a year of shooting the cat/numerous inanimate objects and a couple of years doing family portraits, I shot my first solo wedding in late 2011, went full time in 2012 and shot my first destination wedding in 2013. At the end of 2014 I was named one of the ‘30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’ by Rangefinder Magazine.

I don’t do fads or cool shit… I don’t have a style as such (let’s forget the whole ‘vintage’ debacle of 2011-12)… I don’t even consider myself a creative person… I just shoot happy couples, surrounded by all the people they love most in the world and try to document what their day looked like and felt like. I love how unique each and every wedding and couple are so I never approach them all with a set idea of how I’m going to shoot… I just see where each day takes me.

To be asked to speak at Nine Dots is a huge honour for me – I was due to attend in 2016 but had to cancel and I’ve had serious FOMO ever since. Needless to say I’m beyond excited to hear all the other speakers, many of whom I’ve admired for years, some I don’t know and am keen to learn more about and some I’m proud to call friends. But most of all I’m excited to meet everyone that’s attending, to talk shop, share stories, maybe drink a few gin-based beverages and to massively humiliate myself at ping pong… bring it on.

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