Your Presenters

Candice C. Cusic

Chicago, USA


Candice started taking photographs at age six and ruined her mother’s countertop with darkroom chemicals while studying Photojournalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked as a Photojournalist for over 20 years for some of the largest publications in the country, including 11 years as a Staff Photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune, where she was a team member that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2000.  She has taught Photojournalism since 2002 as an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University and has photographed weddings for 7 years.


Moment Driven Wedding Photojournalism

Candice will discuss Photojournalism and how it applies to weddings, her thought process before hitting the shutter, and how to step outside your comfort zone and feel comfortable getting close, documenting strangers and capturing moments.

Mini - Masterclass

How could this image be improved?

Join Candice for a critique session of your images.  Candice will teach you what she looks for in photographs, how to create stronger photographs by highlighting moments and will provide tips you can apply to your own work in the future.


Moment Driven Workshop

(Gathering Ticket + )
15 November 2016

If you’re shooting the same thing each week in the same way… I can help. This one-day shooting workshop will refocus your eye, show you new ways to see, and help you step outside your comfort zone. Ever hesitate to get the camera close? We will work on this together. Let’s shoot people who aren’t paying you. BOOM– now you have freedom to shoot with your own vision, not what clients expect of you. Let’s shake up your usual routine and try something new! Internationally award-winning photojournalist Candice C. Cusic will show you her thought process before hitting the shutter, how to capture moments during portrait sessions, how to feel comfortable documenting strangers and how to anticipate and capture moments you will love.