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Blair deLaubenfels

Seattle, USA


Blair deLaubenfels is a creative business consultant with a unique perspective on what it means to be successful in the photo industry. A former wedding photographer, the owner of Art, Life and Business, and a co-founder of both Junebug Weddings and, she’s seen first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a successful photography business.

Over the last 17 years, Blair has written over 2,000 compelling artist statements, curated hundreds of thousand of photographs for portfolios, contests and publications, and helped scores of artists all over the world build businesses based on their distinctive voices and values.

A native Seattleite, Blair is excited to join the NineDots community and to give you a no-nonsense look, with lots of tip and takeaways, on building a business that works for you.


Building Your Successful Photography Business

From getting started to creating a cohesive brand, creative consultant Blair deLaubenfels will take you through the critical steps to building a sustainable business that fits your unique style and vision. With plenty of specific tips and actionable strategies, you’ll want to take notes during this class while Blair shares an insider’s view on building your ideal photography business.

Mini - Masterclass

Getting Published - Blogs, Magazines and Awards

Getting your photos noticed is all about sending the right work and content to the right publishers and curators. Come find out from Blair deLaubenfels how to get your work published and win awards without ever compromising your style.


One on One Website Consultations and Portfolio Reviews

(Gathering Ticket + £250)
16 November 2017

Blair deLaubenfels will be meeting with individual Ninedots participants on Thursday, November 16th for personalized website consultations and portfolio reviews. Sessions can be booked directly through Blair at