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Anna Ambrosi

London, UK


Before starting my own business in wedding photography, I was working in quite a different environment: I got a masters degree in Economics and worked 3 years as a business consultant, mainly on marketing issues. Photography has always been present in my life so my following experience as a business developer in a photographic agency, where I got the chance to learn from the work of great photographers while understanding the photographic market on a deeper level, was the greatest occasion to me indeed. 3 years later, in 2013, I left to London and started my own enterprise, but I brought with me all I’ve learned. Today, “Bianco” is a photography studio offering destination wedding photography (and soon videography) all over the world and I’ve been invited to talk at some events about my approach to wedding photography and business. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience, I feel privileged to get the chance to give back some of the good I received from this industry.


Surviving the market (and the industry!), a tailor made view on marketing for creative entrepreneurs

Being on my own in this market made me realise how much my economical background helped me to develop my own business, and how little sometimes we may need in order to make things work better. This made me think that maybe I was able to share some of the insights I got to learn along the way: I’d love to be as practical as possible, sharing what I’ve learned from marketing, from my previous work at the agency and from my own path in our industry.

Mini - Masterclass

Managing the family formals: posing, lighting, editing

A practical group shot example: I’ll show how I think about the setting, posing people, lighting and editing.