Your Presenters

Amy + Tony Hoffer

Philadelphia, USA


In an industry that often sees more duplication than creation, many photographers have been pushed to become caricatures of themselves in an effort to create a ‘unique’ brand. Too often that brand looks just like a carbon copy of someone else. Tony and Amy Hoffer have spent the last 10 years trying to break that mould (lucky for them, Tony is really tall). Their studio in Philadelphia is a collective of 6 artists that are committed to one thing: Doing their own thing. The Hoffer’s have remained passionate about creating images that are tailored to the personalities of their clients, not themselves. Through that they’ve seen their images and philosophies impact the world of wedding photography and they’ve continued to focus on growth through self-improvement.

Through this philosophy they’ve built an organic and large following both in Philadelphia and around the world. If you know the Hoffers’ work, you probably found out about it from a friend. And that’s just the way they like it.

The Hoffers can’t wait to bring their (often unconventional) methods to the UK and take part in the amazing group that is assembled across the pond at NineDots Gathering 2017.


Get Over Yourself

In their discussion, Amy and Tony will speak about how the Hoffers have managed to evolve and grow while maintaining a differentiation from the market. They’ll talk about why the best thing you can do for your business is to realize that you’re not the most important part of it. Then, they will dive into what you can do to get over the limitations that you’re finding with your own work, while identifying and improving your weaknesses and beginning to create a truly unique voice within the marketplace.

Mini - Masterclass

Get Your Hands Dirty

Building further on the concepts and strategies we lay down on the mainstage!


The HoffShop: Next Level Light

(Gathering Ticket + £500)
16 November 2017

All the boys are on one side of the room. They’re scared to talk to the girls on the other side. This is wedding photography in 2017. The awkward teenage phase. In one corner you have natural-light shooters. In the other corner you have off-camera flash gurus. It’s time for these people to grow up and start getting married…