Your Presenters

Alan Law

Cornwall, UK


One of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars, and winner of ‘Best Reportage Photographer’ (SWWA) for three years on the trot, his work is all about capturing moments without any intervention or posing, aiming to make every moment ‘wall hangable’. Frequently featured on many ‘Best Of’ lists, and with numerous international awards, we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from this cider-loving man at the Gathering.

Mini - Masterclass

Up Close and Personal

Known for his use of shooting close and wide (with his beloved 24mm), Alan will tell all about how he manages to do this whilst remaining unobtrusive, and just how it enables him to get unique, intimate images. One of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars, Alan’s talk will be full of tips and advice on technique, dynamic composition, how it’ll enable you to anticipate moments better and more (including help on overcoming any anxiety of encroaching on people’s personal space (and, perhaps most importantly, how to not get punched when doing so).


NineDots exclusive Law School

(Gathering Ticket + )
15 November 2016

I want you to get as much out of this workshop as possible, and I’ve created a schedule which’ll cover everything, including:

– How I approach each part of the wedding day
– How and why it’s so important to be creative throughout the entire wedding
– Just why no posing is ever required
– Composition; how to capture moments creatively
– Empathy; how to be in tune with your weddings, and thus really get those emotions and moments
– How to get more bookings, and making sure they’re the clients you want
– My background before doing this was in search engine optimisation, too, so I’ll be letting you know all about SEO. Practical, actionable advice that’ll get you ranking
– What works for me in terms of Social Media
– Workflow and editing technique

…and much more…!